Thermical fibers

Merino Wool

Natural fiber wwhose weaves enables it to retain the heat. It is the finest wool available and it guarantees softness and comfort.


It is incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable and hidrorepellent, which would keep the feet dry even in the hardest conditions. Its thermal ability is similar to feather one and it has the best lightness and breathability ratio of the market.


Its empty core enables the fiber to retain the heat produced by the movement, without weigh surplus. It carries out the termal compensation process in order to minimise sweat generation. Quickly evacuates moisture, while keeping yoour feet dry and comfortable. Highly recommended for sports at extreme temperatures.


Intelligent fiber which, due to its thermocules microcapsules, generates a micro climate between the garment and the skin, where heat is retained. Its termal compensation ability minimises sweat generation. Will keep the feet comfortable by absorving body heat when it is created in excess and releasing it when needed.

Recommended for the practice of sports in high altitudes and extreme weather conditions.

Drytex Thermical®

It is a superior fiber which provides a confortable sensation, evacuating moisture while keeping body heat. It dries fast.

A perfect fiber to protect yourself against the cold.


It is a material with a high thermal capacity. Great moisture absorption and quick drying, keeping the foot dry and comfortable.

Light and soft fiber with a great touch.

Fibra FibreHeat®

This smart fibre generates heat from the sweat generated by the body itself. This heat is stored in microcapsules and at the same time generates infrared waves that set the water molecules attached to the body in motion, thus generating more heat.

Fresh fibers

Organic Cotton

Natural fiber cultivated only with organic fertilizers, which converts i tinto the most environmental respectful fibers. Organic Cotton is very soft and it comes to be a very pleasant fiber when getting in contact with the skin.

This fiber has the Global Organic Textile standars Certification and the OEKO TEX (Class I).


Fiber made out of recycled plastic bottles using a sustainable process. Intelligent fiber which has thermoregulatory properties that keeps skin in appropiate temperatue. It guarantees a perfect evacuation of sweat that keeps the foot dry and helps to eliminate bad odors.


Ecological and natural fiber made out of wood and seaweeds. Totally biodegradable. The natural moisture level of the skin enables an active Exchange of those beneficial substances between the fiber and the skin, providing a noticeable sense of wellbeing.

It helps to actívate cell regeneration, which in turn can help to relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness. Its high leve lof antioxidants protects the skin.


High technology fiber from Invista that has four longitudinal openings which gives the garment a high leve lof breathability, while allowing the entry of air.

This fiber, lightweight and flexible, i sable to maintain the skin and the garment dry during the whole activity. 

Drytex® Comfort

The revolutionary technology of Drytex® Comfort fiber is designed to protect against heat and moisture. Its multi filament structure enables the garment to offer a quick evacuation of swweat while it allows the air to enter in order to refresh and dry the skin.

This fiber guarantees dimensional stability being highly resistant to shrinking. It gives a soft and natural feeling to the skin.

Sensil Bodyfresh®

Ultra-fine filament fiber that reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria while offering a light and comfortable sensation.

Thermo-regulatory fibers

SoftAir Plus®

Intelligent thermo-regulatory fiber which provides body freshness or heat depending on the conditions in which it is used. Its elasticity guarantees comfort, freedom of movement and high addaptation to the body.

SoftAir Plus® evacuates moisture rapidly while maintaining your skin dry, even in very extreme conditions.

Therapeutic fibers


Natural and biodegradable fiber. Protects from solar radiation and helps regeneration of the skin.

Its natural qualities hel to eliminate bacteria and bad odors.

Meryl® Skinlife

Hypoallergenic fiber with silver particles. It guarantees maximum comfort and maintains the natural balance of the skin, being suitable for sensitive skin. Significally reduces feet odor due to its antibacterial action.

Highly recommendable for all seasons due to its thermo-regulatory capacity. High usage and washing resistance.


Cooper ions create a natural protection área and eliminate 99,9% of the bacteria and fungi growth which provoque feet odor.

Its therapeutic capacity helps skin regeneration.

Drytex® Antibacterial

Antibacterial fiber with silver ions bounded to its internal structure.

Due to its multi filament structure, it enables rapid and continu

ous moisture evacuation while maintaining high resistance to shrinking and discoloration without losing its dimensional stability.


Fiber made with a 99,9% pure silver layer which is permanently bounded to the Surface of the fiber.

It is an antimicrobial, natural, heat trasnfer, anti-static and therapeutic fiber.

Other fibers

Fibra Lycra®

This fiber ensures comfort, fit, shape stability and enables the garment to last longer while letting the athlete to move freely.

It gives a perfect foot adaptability.


Resistant to abrasions, rips, scuffs and punctures. Remarcable durability without weight surplus.


Thermo Dinamic

Thermo Dinamic is an exclusive treatment for intelligent fibers which improves moisture removal capacity (capillarity) of the garment as well as its adaptation to different temperaturas. It collects and removes moisture 25% faster tan any other non treated fiber, rising its capability if temperatures rises. High density in low temperatures and low density in high temperatures.

Repel mosquito

Anti mosquito treatment that protects against bites and helps to avoid diseases like Malaria and Dengue. Effective on mosquitos, ticks, lice and wasps, among others. Non odor and eco-friendly fiber. Non toxic because it is a repellent, not an insecticide.

Durable effect after more tan 100 washes. Product approved by World Healt Organization.



The double socks are a guarantee against chafing, injuries and blisters.
While the outer sock absorbs friction with the boot, the inner sock protects the skin against rubbing and abrasions.


Reduces discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis and protects the metatarsal. The Engineered Loop helps to correctly position the heel while elevating the plantar arch reducing pain and the risk of injury by significantly eliminating direct impact on the sole of the foot.
The Engineered Loop also covers the metatarsal, cushioning shock and discomfort to the metatarsal.


Helps control foot flexion, preventing the sock from wrinkling and causing blisters or abrasions. The elastic band ensures that the sock is held in place, preventing rubbing and blisters during sports activities.


Semi-compressive effect on the foot that enhances intravenous irrigation, stabilizes the ankle and protects the Achilles tendon. Semi-compressive micro-meshing provides the maximum level of sweat and moisture wicking, all while the garment feels like a second skin.


Type of fabric in which the garment lowers its density and weave to accelerate the process of perspiration and evacuation of sweat and moisture, thus keeping the skin dry and cool at all times.


MUND's technical socks have reinforced heel and toe to prevent breakage during intense activities. Likewise, most trekking and skiing models have special reinforcements on the shin, calf, ankle and instep to cushion impacts with the boot and protect the skin.